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GC Token

Token Symbol
Total No. of Tokens
10,000,000,000 Tokens
Total Fundraising Target
No. of Tokens for Fundraising
Token Type
Can be minted
No; Fixed Supply
Token Sale Price

Token Utility & Benefits

Allow staking of Mine pools on GCGC Investments Limited’s Defi staking platform
Earn rewards in GC$ from the profits of Mining and Mineral Resources.
Earn rewards in GC$ from the profits of Fintech Services and
E-commerce Marketplaces .

How GC Token (GCT) Works?

The GC Token is the main utility token of the GCGC Ecosystem. Users use the GC Token to gain access to the GCGC Investments Limited’s Defi Staking Platform, where users are able to stake into the blockchain networks powering the tokenization of assets and verification of transactions from pools of projects all around the world. Projects are currently divided into 3 separate pools, the Mining Pool, the Fintech Pool and the E-Commerce Pool, depending on the nature of the project. Users have the option of staking into whichever pool they want, or stake into a Common Pool.

Purchase the GC token (GCT)

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Register yourself in our staking platform. Click link here.


Stake your GC token on pool choices.

Lockdown-Multiplier (Optional)

Choose to lockdown your Staking in 3/6/12 months to earn more GC$

Earn your rewards

Check in daily to see your rewards in your wallet.

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