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stable token

GC$ Token

Token Symbol
Total No. of Tokens
No limit
Token Asset
100mg of Gold resources, or 10mg of Vaulted gold, or 1 US dollar (US$1.00)
Token Type
Reward and Internal Settlement
Can be minted
Token Value
Goods and Services relative to the US Dollar

Other details

Minted by 100mg of Gold resources/ 10mg of vaulted Gold/ 1 US Dollar (US$1.00)
Can be used as a payment option for marketplaces that GCGC partner with
Stable, reliable and low cost transaction fees
Powered by Blockchain Technology

How GC$ work

The GC$ Token is the Reward token of the GCGC ecosystem. It also acts as a currency, a settlement tool within the Utilization Marketplaces. Users use the GC$ token to exchange for goods and services within the ecosystem in the Utilization Marketplace. It is only used in circulation within the ecosystem and there is currently no means of purchasing or selling the GC$ token directly outside of the ecosystem.

Purchase the GC token (GCT)

Contact us to find out more on how you can purchase our tokens.


Register yourself in our staking platform/ Marketplace
For staking platform, Click link here.
For marketplace, Click link here

Stake/ Convert (Optional)

Stake your GC token on pool choices on staking platform to earn GC$ or convert your token to GC$ on our partnered marketplace wallet.

Earn & Use

When you have earned your GC$ from the staking platform or convert to GC$, you may use it to purchase goods and services.

Restake/Cash Out (Optional)

You can cash out the GC$ by converting it to GC Token and cash out the GC token via a 3rd party exchange.

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