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Food Security Exchange

Food Security Exchange is an ASEAN wide effort to ensure that the security of food production and distribution is maintained even in the midst of a pandemic or natural disaster. It calls for the development of highly efficient production centres based on the latest in technology and scientific know-how, coupled with a development of a G2G, G2B, and B2B marketplace that is able to regulate the exchange and distribution of food with a focus towards security and sustainability.

All stakeholders, from the Producers, to the Merchants, to the Purchasers and Government Officials will be able to engage with each other with artificial intelligence and data helping to match and regulate the exchange of goods and services on the platform. With blockchain technology integrated with better industry 4.0 technologies, FSEx can better match production centres with demand centres, removing waste and increasing the efficiency of the supply chain. Blockchain can provide transparency provenance and food safety as produce is tracked from farm to table. The automation of processes and simplification of trade will also make the network less reliant on paperwork and manual labour, creating a more reliant food production and distribution supply chain, and thus enhancing Food Security.

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