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The GCGC Project:
The New Gold Standard

Powered by Blockchain Tech and Defi Architecture
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The GCGC Project is an innovative global leadership initiative of GCGC Investments Limited to usher in a new age of economic growth and development. Centered around an ecosystem of decentralized financial technology ("Defi"), GCGC is an aggregation of 3 discreet businesses, namely, mining (GCGC Mining), fintech solutions (Pillar Finance) and e-commerce solutions (Ethical Culture E-commerce) anchored around blockchain technology and built to support the use of our ecosystem tokens, the GC token (GCT) and GC$ (GCD) token.

Our Technology

Live Main Net

Our GCGC Main Net is Live! Our business and transaction ready GCGC blockchain protocol ensures security, and safety in transactions with our hybrid practical byzantine fault tolerance consensus mechanism.

Fast & Scalable

Our blockchain protocol has an average transaction confirmation time of 1 second and can process over 20,000 transactions per second, making us one of the fastest in comparison to other top blockchain protocols.

Ultra Low Transaction Fees

Our proprietary blockchain technology enables us to charge ultra low fees. With fees as low as 0.1%, we offer one of the lowest transaction fees around.

Staking Rewards

After staking GC tokens into our various pools, users are rewarded with GC$ tokens and they can use these GC$ tokens to trade for physical goods and services in our Utilization Marketplaces.
our ecosystem

What are the 2 tokens?

GC Token (GCT)

The GC Token (GCT) is the main utility token of the GCGC Ecosystem. Users use the GC Token to gain access to the GCGC Investments Limited’s Defi Staking Platform, where users are able to stake into the blockchain networks powering the tokenization of assets and verification of transactions from pools of projects all around the world.
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GC$ Token (GCD)

The GC$ Token (GCD) is the Reward token of the GCGC Ecosystem. It also acts as a currency, a settlement tool within the Utilization Marketplaces. Users use the GC$ token to exchange for goods and services within the ecosystem in the Utilization Marketplace.
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Three Pillars of GCGC Ecosystem

Gold Mining

We invest in high quality gold mines around the world. We are also developing Green Mining Technology, which allows us to recover gold from tailings using an environmentally friendly process.
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Pillar Finance will be developing our own OTC and payment gateway to support our e-commerce platforms. Fintech solutions are in the heart of the GCGC ecosystem and provide a secure, safe, and fast way for users to transact.
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Working with several partners to develop e-commerce solutions and trading platforms, ECEC will launch a new way of conducting international trade.
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How can you use the tokens?

Benefits of buying GC tokens to stake

Earn rewards in GC$ from Mining and Mineral Resources
Earn rewards in the form of GC$ tokens from the profits of our Trading and Commerce Platforms

Multiplier! Earn a bigger share of the rewards by staking longer!

3 Months Lockup
Every GC Token You Stake Counts as 1.2 Tokens
6 Months Lockup
Every GC Token You Stake Counts as 1.5 Tokens
12 Months Lockup
Every GC Token You Stake Counts as 2.5 Tokens
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“Our GCGC Global Initiative combines the best in economic fundamentals with the latest technologies to create a better way to trade, gain access to finance and transform a centuries-old industry: mining, for the better.”

Jonathan Shek,

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